by aman amun

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released December 12, 2008

written and recorded by aman amun.
mixed and mastered by aman amun and zac litwack.


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aman amun New York

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Track Name: The Balloons
the balloons deflate for me.
molecules which had once kept them up in the sky
have found their way outside the skin
and the energy has left.
as they whither and thin they wont fly again.

but if i cut their strings before the air is gone
they'll lick the atmosphere with their latex tongues.
and as they approach the edge of the infinite
they'll reinflate themselves for me.
Track Name: Surviving the Stretch
its like were trapped inside of a device that takes our eyes and skin and shreds them
there's a plan to end it all
our friends and our families could suffer for us
but we push on and try to hold ourselves together
together we hold ourselves
Track Name: Scapegoating
i've got a friend that you can't see,
he won't talk to you but he talks to me.
he's got a life thats not so bad,
but deep inside he's still fragile as a plate.

and he always feels like he's being tossed to the sky
to be target practice for another's eye.
the paranoia's got him.
Track Name: Exploring the Obvious
what you see is what you get my friend.
but if you take a long walk with me, my friend,
you'll see much much more,
you'll get much much less.
but what i am is what i am, my friend,
in the end just a man.
Track Name: A Matter of Fact
as a matter of fact i lost control
your fingers found their way into my soul and retuned my heart strings so now i understand that there are some things in life that you can't understand without experiencing them.

love, loss, can change you, can change me.

i lived by your breath and my mind is left in a squalor,
emotion clouds up my reasoning.
consumed by confusion, my body keeps aching to be close to you, or breath like you.
Track Name: Cardio
born anew, i cut into my abdomen to try and purge the bruise, instead i found the truth.
my heart had grown and on its own had closed the only ventricle responsible for pumping to my brain.
but i can pump again. i can think again.

its a destructive world,
in a destructive time where we keep beat
with our destructive hearts, we can
destroy anything.

born anew, i cut into
the part thats me and that which once was you.
Track Name: Vacuoles
i've got the taste on my lips of gunpowder,
and its time to breath out the flames,
even if i lose my face.

you can't hide in the dark
i've got the power to show you the truth
you'll have to know what its like to bruise.

we're like vacuoles we hold in shit
but eventually we have to spit it out.
Track Name: Opportunity Cost
you've got me squirming in bed, sleepless.
shedding my skin to the thought that my time might be up.

i feel like i've lost control again.
my heart's got my mind up its sleeve
and just pulls it out when it needs.

the catch 22's that if i were to move on you
my drive for my dreams would be lost.
so you're the opportunity cost.

but your eyes melt my insides
and i hope and i pray that i'm wrong.
could i have the world in my palm?
Track Name: Moods
solumn, sleepy, hollow, empty,
anxious, leery, confused, happy.
is there no objective truth?
is there no objective you?
are we all just projected views
altered by their respective moods?

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