by aman amun

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written and recorded 2010-2012


released May 20, 2012

mastered in the stu (franklin, tn)




aman amun New York

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Track Name: unfairmones
you found my pores open and dragged through the air,
deep into your nose,
details about my function in the form of persuasive molecules.

breath into the bag
which we swim inside,
passing out ourselves
for others to imbibe.

addiction sets in,
when emotion ties itself to the immigrant
protein that you,
handed me telling me what i told you.

i want more.

breath into the bag
which we swim inside,
passing out ourselves
for others to imbibe.
Track Name: subtext
every single word i choose to say
is subject to the world's interpretation
so my meaning of my words can't quite belong to me,

all we have is our intent
to color in our own actions.

just put your hands and your tongue away
they can't do anything,

push your actions and words aside,
because in between them is where the subtext hides.
Track Name: puzzled
i can pass through time and space,
in this flesh machine,
navigate this fractal maze,
towards some sort of cheese.

but i don't have a scent.
nor do i have a way
of knowing where i've been
cause' everywhere looks the same.

so at each dead end i etch an emblem deep into the stone,
an offering to my future self to transform the unknown
into a patterned place,
showing me where i've been,
so i can extrapolate
to finally find the end.
Track Name: radios
like radios,
our sense thresholds tune us
to catch certain frequency bands
of sensory
content streaming in from our environment.

as continuous, and intricate as it can be
we then extract from the noise
a new interpretation of its' meaning

we resonate
when those incoming ideas reflect our own desires
and then radiate an altered version for others to then aquire and resound as well,

our world can bend
our world can break
when we atune,
we resonate.

our intent plucks the strings,
from which the present rings
our world can bend or break,
when we resonate.

we can become a new creature now
if we each link up to the next heart valve,

we can catch more of the signal flow
if they share theirs and we share ours